Only Results Matter

Anastazja Michalak
By Anastazja Michalak
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The only way to increase your credibility and improve self confidence is by delivering results!

It does not matter, how much time and effort you or anybody else has invested into that piece of work, if at the end there is no result to demo. Everything else – is just procrastination and doing something for the sake of visibility of being busy.

And before you disagree, let me back up my opinion. It costs enormous amount of energy to deliver meaningful results. No one will ever see or notice how much background work was done behind the achieved result. And this is why majority of people prefer to dive into the process of doing something, as if they have a lot of time ahead, waiting until blockers resolve themselves, expecting someone else to follow up, blaming external circumstances and keeping their conscious clean by saying how much work and time they invested into that task.

Achieving results is difficult. It takes dedication, energy, responsibility, accountability, total ownership and maybe a little bit of luck. But the reward – is your self confidence and “can do” attitude.

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By Anastazja Michalak IT Program Manager, PMP
I am a certified Project and Program Manager with hands-on experience in delivering complex business initiatives since 2014.