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Why is it challenging to be a leader?

Many books are written about leadership and leadership qualities and about how to be a leader, but you will never know what it is really like until you actually start performing the role of a leader and until you start acting like a leader. In my experience I have made several observations – as a…

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Why to write Meeting Minutes [with lesson learned]?

How often do you document your meeting minutes? Do you pay enough attention to writing down all important information which is being shared with or among stakeholders? About decisions made? Do you follow up on each topic? Do you hold people accountable for what has been discussed and agreed? I have a firm believe that…

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My latest PM’s Journal entries

Purpose unites people

Ever since I started to work in projects, I saw in practice how important it is to have a goal, a purpose in whatever you do. It doesn’t matter if you are a project or program manager or a windows administrator. Maybe a trivial statement, but purpose unites people – into communities and teams. I…

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Not afraid of challenges

I enjoy talking to people, they are my source of inspiration and information and energy. I do so many different observations during those conversations. In the past couple of months I spoke to some of my colleagues and friends and told them that I love what I do, in particular project management and leadership, I…

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Working with purpose

After I started to practice project management, I realized how important it is to have a meaningful purpose at work and in private life, which will drive your energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes these are project goals, sometimes these are management goals, operational or personal development goals. What matters is that these goals give a certain…

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Currently on My Reading List

“Act as a Leader, Think as a Leader” by Herminia Ibarra

Since July 2019 I am participating in a new project, which is dedicated to reading. I have always loved reading and self-development, but I guess I was doing it not regularly, and definitely not every day. I realized I needed to discipline myself, and that is how I subscribed to the project where I read…

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