Hello! I'm Ana

I'm a professional project delivery manager.

I’m here to empower you on your journey to becoming an exceptional project management professional. Together, we’ll ignite your passion for project management and propel your career to new heights. Unleash your potential in the captivating world of project management with me by your side.

My Mission

I'm here to help you become an exceptional Project Management Professional

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey as I join forces with you to supercharge your career in the captivating realm of Project Management!

Through unwavering dedication, I have worked tirelessly to build a successful professional career, accumulating extensive experience and knowledge in my field as a professional. Reflecting on my early days in project management, I faced numerous challenges, learned from mistakes, steadily developed my skills and expertise, and gained valuable experiences. During that time, I wished for guidance and support to structure my knowledge and chart a clear path forward. Unfortunately, such mentorship was not readily available. This situation resonates with many aspiring project managers who grapple with questions like: How do I start? How do I enter the field of project management? Which certifications and educational pursuits are most valuable? How do I effectively manage projects, establish robust processes, and ensure efficient project delivery? 

My Mission is to alleviate the burdensome search for answers and the trial-and-error process. I aim to help both experienced and emerging project managers by providing guidance in defining their career trajectories, striving for excellence, embracing the profession wholeheartedly, establishing themselves as indispensable experts, and effectively managing projects with unparalleled expertise.Together, we can cultivate a new generation of project managers primed for success, equipped with comprehensive knowledge, and ready to thrive in an industry that demands exceptional proficiency.

Bridge the gap between theory and practice

I aspire to bridge the gap between theory and practice. As a dedicated practitioner, my greatest strength lies in my ability to apply project management principles and best practices in real-life projects. Through various avenues such as blogging, mentorship programms, educational products, and coaching, I am committed to standing by your side, offering valuable practical knowledge and solutions. No more fire-fighting, no more burnout, no more missed deadlines, no more red projects, no more continuous stress. 

Instead you will have defined and established processes, motivated and happy teams,  trustful relationships with customers, managed stakeholders and their expectations, continuous planning, mitigated risks, resolved issues, controlled budgets, handled scope, and… best practical knwoeldge about Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LESS and of course Project Management.

My Vision

My Core Values



KAIZEN - Continuous learning and improvement




Respect and Kindness

Clarity in communication



My Value Offer



“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn”.

Warren Buffet

I can help you with your project management career. Whether you need insights for transitioning into IT and project management, assistance with organizing processes for a challenging project, guidance for starting a new project, or general advice, I’m here for you as your mentor and coach. Let’s collaborate to meet your specific requirements and achieve success together.



“My greatest strengths as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.” 

Peter Drucker

I provide comprehensive expertise to implement industry-leading project management practices, ensuring long-term benefits for your organization. From establishing effective processes to fostering high-performing teams, my goal is to make a lasting impact on your company and customer success. Expect enhanced structure, improved efficiency, cost savings, increased revenue, client trust, reduced attrition, and heightened satisfaction. Together, we’ll deliver valuable solutions that stand the test of time.



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Nelson Mandela

As an educator, I have developed and delivered a series of project management courses to a diverse cohort of students. By sharing my knowledge and expertise, I have empowered individuals to embark on successful project management careers and enhance the effectiveness of their ongoing projects. Recognizing the value of knowledge, I strive to be a linchpin in any organization by equipping others with the skills necessary to make a significant impact.

My Career Path

“They say to never look back. But sometimes I do. It’s gratifying to see how far I’ve come.”
Richelle E. Goodrich

Kyiv, Ukraine
Postgraduate in Business Administration

I successfully completed a postgraduate program in Business Administration, which laid a solid foundation for my future endeavors. Subsequently, I secured my first position in an international company, embarking on my initial foray into what is now commonly referred to as project management.

Bydgoszcz, Poland
First steps in IT - ATOS

Atos, an international IT company, discovered my profile on LinkedIn and invited me for an interview for the role of a 1st Line Support Engineer in Poland. This position entailed providing support to customers worldwide in German, English and Russian languages, aiding them in resolving technical issues. Despite this field being entirely new to me, I dedicated countless nights to meticulous preparation for the rigorous four-round interview process, ultimately securing the position. Thus, in 2014, I relocated to Poland, commencing a fresh chapter in my life encompassing a new job, a new country, a new language, new acquaintances, and a new way of life.

  • Learned a lot about IT
  • Got into the Atos program for future leaders: "Licence to lead"
  • Enrolled into a Polish language course
  • Started a postgraduate Project Management education at Bydgoszcz High School of Banking in Polish
  • Passed ITIL Certification
Bydgoszcz, Poland
1st job as project leader - NOKIA

The time I spent at Nokia will forever hold a special place in my heart, thanks to the remarkable individuals I had the privilege to work with and the incredible opportunities that came my way. It marked my initial venture into the professional realm as a project leader in Poland. The memory of receiving the interview invitation still brings back the intense nervousness I experienced at that time. I vividly recall being thoroughly scrutinized for nearly two hours by a panel of four interviewers, engaging in role plays that simulated various challenging scenarios I might encounter. What they emphasized during the interview was not solely my prior experience, but rather the significance of observing my thought process and assessing how I would handle difficult situations.

  • Learned a lot about network, servers, racks and cables and coordinates remote network installations 
  • Finished post-graduate studies
  • Engaged as a volunteer at the Project Management Institute in Poland and even worked as a Branch Managing Deouty Director
  • Passed PRINCE 2 Certification
Wrocław, Poland
Next Challenge - IBM

IBM opened an entirely new chapter in my life, introducing me to a fresh city, a new company, and a multitude of mind-blowing experiences and opportunities. It was here that I became immersed in transformative projects focused on migrating international customers to IBM Cloud. Within a year, I ascended to the role of stream leader, responsible for crucial strategic transition and transformation programs. Two aspects of my time at IBM stand out as particularly memorable: the projects themselves and my exceptional manager. The projects were not only technologically fascinating but also diverse, demanding, and populated by skilled professionals. As for my manager, I still recall the moment I approached them with my clear desire to take on the position of head lead for the stream and assume accountability for its successful delivery. To my delight, my manager granted my request without hesitation. I am profoundly grateful for the trust bestowed upon me, as it provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities and fulfill my ambitions.

  • I got promoted
  • I completed 3 major programs over the 3 years
  • I learned a lot about IBM Cloud, Networking, Storage, Back ups, SAP, Virtual machines.
  • I passed PMP Certification
  • Passed Network + Certification
Wrocław, Poland
Welcome to Software world - SoftServe

I decided that I wanted to do software projects and so I went for it. I am in love with these types of projects ever since.

SoftServe provided me with a gateway to gain extensive experience in managing software development projects. Through my journey, I acquired a vast amount of knowledge and best practices in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. It felt like embarking on a new beginning, starting from scratch. Initially joining as a project coordinator, I embraced the opportunity and within a remarkable span of four months, I quickly ascended to the position of project manager. This rapid progression was a testament to my dedication and competence. The experience was truly eye-opening, introducing me to novel processes, cutting-edge best practices, and a myriad of new responsibilities. These included assuming the role of hiring manager, shouldering budget responsibilities, actively engaging in pre-sales and account development, and fostering enhanced daily customer collaboration. This transformative journey with SoftServe not only allowed me to expand my skill set, but it also provided a platform for personal and professional growth.

  • Conducted  educational  webinars on the topic of project management and certification
  • Learned Jira and Miro
  • Learned SDLM
  • Mastered Kanban
  • Sold my first project with a million budget
  • Emerged fully as a servant leader
Wrocław, Poland
Welcome to Consulting - EY

This experience served as my invaluable learning ground for product management. Being a member of a dedicated product team within newly emerged SAP practice provided me with remarkable insights into crucial aspects such as roadmaps, metrics, budgets, KPIs, and OKRs. Working alongside top-tier professionals from the Big-4 comany, I was exposed to international best practices that left me awe-inspired. Embracing a multinational environment, I effectively managed and delivered successful projects across three distinct time zones: IST, CET, and CST. This immersive journey allowed me to fully immerse myself in both Indian and American cultures, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their nuances and dynamics.

  • Passed Professional Scrum Master Certificate
  • Entered full home office mode during pandemic
  • Learned about product management
March 30
Sub Label
Back to the future - SoftServe

I came back to undertake a new serious challenge - 2 levels up of my previous role - program and portfolio manager. It was a time to rocket my experience and career. And I did it. Fully embraced my time to focus on delivery management, account management, business development, manage project managers and build a structure within my business unit. 

Wroclaw, Poland
Time to scale - EPAM

I aspired to engage with scaled solutions and undertake the management of large-scale projects, prioritizing 80% focus on delivery and allocating 20% towards account development and business growth. While rapidly advancing my career, I came to the realization that I possess the capability to excel in various domains, particularly in management roles. However, I consciously decided to follow the path of delivery management, as it aligns with my true passion and enables me to leverage my strengths to deliver the highest value.

Today, I hold the position of Program Manager/Delivery Manager, aiding clients worldwide in the successful and timely delivery of projects while adhering to predetermined scope and budgets. With a background in infrastructure project management and a recent focus on software development projects, I specialize in establishing effective processes encompassing project scope, schedule, cost, resources, procurement, risk, quality, communication, and stakeholder management. Leveraging my comprehensive knowledge and expertise, I offer guidance and shape project delivery models, be it agile, waterfall, or hybrid, tailoring them to suit the unique requirements of each project and team. I also provide recommendations on optimal team structures to achieve both business and project objectives, ensuring that initiatives are realized as approved and budgeted, while empowering clients to concentrate on their core business and future prospects