If You Ever Get Angry

Anastazja Michalak
By Anastazja Michalak
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Never ever allow yourself to get overwhelmed with feelings and act upon them. This is the worst thing which can ever happen to you. Especially – making a permanent decision on temporary emotion😱.

We both can agree that in management world the most tricky and demanding part is to deal with people. Not everyone is predictable. Not everyone is an open book. And not everyone is straightforward. Some people (your customers, your employees or colleagues) will drive you mad from time to time. And this is OK. Most important is how you are going to react to that. One moment of allowing yourself to dive into emotions, may even cost you your career👆.

Acknowledge the emotions and go shoot some bottles in the garden😀. Now, get back with clean head and delete that angry email, which you were about to send.

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By Anastazja Michalak IT Program Manager, PMP
I am a certified Project and Program Manager with hands-on experience in delivering complex business initiatives since 2014.