Working With Customers

Anastazja Michalak
By Anastazja Michalak
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I love working with Customers. In some cases they are amazing, often demanding and sometimes complicated. But let’s face it – they are in the core of any business. Whom would we serve, if we didn’t have our customers? Who would pay us money, if we didn’t have clients?🤔

I entertain a thought by thinking about them as family members. You don’t always choose them, but you need to deal with them.

In some companies I used to work, any wish of the customer had to be satisfied. Any behavior of the customer had to be tolerated. Some situations were really horrible and some customers could afford such a behavior, that no normal person would ever tolerate it in personal circumstances.

After so many years of working with different Businesses and Customers, experience shows that you need to know when set the boundaries, when to walk away, when to say “No” or to push back.

I truly believe that it is very important to treat the Customer as top priority, but at the same time to keep your ears open. Whenever you see that customers go too far in their demands, behavior or attitude, you should bring them back to reality and set the record straight. To the extent possible, of course and by being polite and respectful to oneself and others.

And the reason behind this thought process is that it is not about customers only, it is also about leaders and teams who serve them.

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By Anastazja Michalak IT Program Manager, PMP
I am a certified Project and Program Manager with hands-on experience in delivering complex business initiatives since 2014.