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Anastazja Michalak
By Anastazja Michalak
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Do you have a mentor? If not yet, then it is a right time to find one.


I found out about mentoring concept during my work at IBM. There are at least 2 major reasons why you should choose your “trusted advisor”:

1. We all face challenges in project and work environment. And I am sure that all of us are creative enough to find a solution to any challenge. But it is good to have someone who is more experienced than you, in order to be able to validate your approach. What if there is a better option? What if there is already a known way to address a problem?

2. When you think about your career or a field where you want to advance, it is good to have someone who already holds this position or has experience in that area. This person could guide you in finding your way to it too.

All successful people I know have or used to have a mentor. It can be someone in the company you work, or it can be someone you admire and follow virtually on Social Media.

How to find one?

No worries, look around and if you notice someone, who you think is a person you want to learn from – go and ask if this person would like to become your mentor.

Good luck!

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By Anastazja Michalak IT Program Manager, PMP
I am a certified Project and Program Manager with hands-on experience in delivering complex business initiatives since 2014.