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Anastazja Michalak
By Anastazja Michalak
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We live in a buzy world, where there is no break from the rat race. Time flies from Monday till Friday, evenings after work and weekends are filled with working overime, with families, working out in the gym, cooking dinners, cleaning, sleeping or watching Netflix. That is how it works for the majority of people.

There are, however, individuals (and let’s be honest, they are not in great supply these days), who still find some time to read an interesting book, watch an educational video, study for PMP exam for example 🙂 or do a course at Udemy or Skillshare. So, where do they find time for that?

If we all agree that we want to develop, then I dont have to give you a reason why. What I can give you are these 3 hints where to find time to learn something new every single day.

  • First of all, in the morning. You have a choice – to sleep till you are almost late to work, or you can wake up just a little bit earlier, while everyone else is sleeping, and use this time to read.
  • Secondly, while doing household work, running or driving – listen to an audiobook. I have listened to almost 9 books in the last 6 months while doing some work at home (cooking, cleaning) or driving.
  • Thirdly, instead of scrolling Facebook or Instagram or while waiting for someone – open YouTube and watch some useful video, or read recent news related to your area of interest.

Do we really lack time to learn or do we lack a proper incentive?

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By Anastazja Michalak IT Program Manager, PMP
I am a certified Project and Program Manager with hands-on experience in delivering complex business initiatives since 2014.